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About Us

Since 2017, De Ling has been providing top-notch business and IT consultancy to SMEs in Hong Kong. Our services range from company startup, formation, human resources, IT strategies, website and mobile apps development, management consultancy and much more. We are led by a group of expert consultants in many areas covering business, legal, financial, information technology and design. Most of them have 20+ years of experience in their specialist fields.

IT Consultancy
In this digital era, no business can succeed without IT. We help all kind of businesses to form and develop their IT strategies, building websites and apps, running digital marketing and strengthening their online presence.

Business Consultancy

From company formation, fundraising, human resources, market analysis, legal and financial consultancy, we help businesses to achieve their goals.

Corporate Image and Design

We specialise in Corporate Image, from design of logo to organising large scale exhibitions and roadshows.

In this era of digitization, De Ling is paving the way for tomorrow’s business sustainability.

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